Land Of The Midnight Sun

Midnight sun

Norwegians are used to contrasts between seasons. The dark arctic winter is the opposite of the fantastic but not so well known midnight sun.

The Midnight Sun

This natural phenomenon that occur between 18th of May until 25th of July in Tromsø, gives the northern Norwegians a different culture in the summer compared to the winter. The natives are waiting for the long summer days during the hard winter, and have a midsummer feast the 24th of June to celebrate the midnight sun. The feast is a large bonfire where you cook your food and stay warm during the evening. There is a myth saying that on the midsummer night when you go to bed, put seven different flowers under your pillow, and during your sleep you will meet your future husband.

In the summer we don’t live by the clock, the children doesn’t have to go to bed at normal times and the adults will sit outside around the camp fire at long hours. Norwegians go mountain hiking on high mountains and long routes, which is no problem when the sun never sets and you don’t get lost in the dark. If you visit the north of Norway in April and August you also get long hours with day light compared to the rest of the world. What we miss of day light in the arctic winter, we get back in the summertime.

Experience The Midnight Sun

The midnight sun give you time to enjoy the nature. The quiet solitary roads in the beautiful landscape, is perfect for a bike ride or a hike in the nature. A quick refreshing bath in the arctic ocean or in the lakes are also worth trying.