Northern Light Camp

Winter camp

Experience the outdoor adventure during the day and chase the northern light in the evening. Have a warm bed in the cabin every night. We have small groups of 8 people, but exclusivity and private tours is also an option.

Winter Camp

Welcome to the magic landscape of Malangen, outside of Tromsø. This camp is for everyone who would like to experience an outdoor adventure with others. When we arrive at the cabin, everyone get settled in their room, and we have a meal where I inform you about the camp. The first morning after breakfast we’ll do a snowshoe tour, where you get to know the area and the surroundings. You’ll experience the Norwegian way with outdoor lunch, we can have it on a campfire or a traditional packed lunch. You’ll then get some quiet time in the cabin before we make dinner. It is a good possibility of seeing the northern light in the winter season, and in the evening we’ll go out looking for it. Hiking with snowshoes can be done by beginners and is a great way to move about in the snow-dressed area. You can choose the length of your stay, on the day of your return we drive from the cabin at 10:00 in the morning.

  • Including in the price is transport from Tromsø to Malangen and back, which is a 70 minutes drive from the airport.
  • The guide will be with you on all activities.
  • Meals/coffee/tea. We’d like to introduce you to Norwegian food, that can easily be made on the campfire or in the kitchen. We make the meals together, which will be healthy and well balanced to the activities on the camp.


  • Northern light show-shoe tour, walking distance to sighting of the northern lights
  • Sami culture and way of life, traditional food and craft on request
  • Ice bath in the arctic ocean, to a warm barbecue hut next to the sea
  • Dog sledding on request

Price per person: (Max 8)

One night NOK 2200

Dog sledding is additional NOK 1700