Day tours all year with groups up to 8 people.

The Team

Vibeke Brattli was born in Tromsø and have always enjoyd the outdoor adventure. She has built up an outdoor adventure preschool for the last 24 years, where one of the groups are outdoor all day, with just a lavvo to warm up in.

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Malangen is a large area in Tromsø and Balsfjord, a collection of fjords. The cabin where most of our camps are located is in Kjerrvika, which is known for the Kjerrvik-murder in 1733. Birte was a young woman from Aursfjord, who had to marry an older man from Kjerrvika.

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Northern Light Camp

Experience the outdoor adventure during the day and chase the northern light in the evening. Have a warm bed in the cabin every night. We have small groups of 8 people, but exclusivity and private tours is also an option.

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